Almost Rejected

I am not really sure if I already ran out of words to start my introduction or I am just overwhelmed by the fact that I was accepted to the PTC program of the UPOU. It felt like I was waiting for the longest time of my life since I applied for the program in January. I took my undergraduate course in UP Baguio, living away from my family for the last 5 years. And now, I almost got declined to pursue PTC. Maybe it is always this way for me when it comes to my UP education. Always hard but always worth the wait.

“Will I be an effective educator after finishing this course?” is the kind of question I do not have a certain answer yet. Maybe it is too early to answer but now is the time to start looking for it. Speaking as a student, effective teaching for me means being able to apply what was taught in the classroom to everyday life, that learning should always be directed to achieve an end. This has become my standard to my former teachers way of teaching. Also, effective teaching is not spoon-feeding.

 An idea of having an ideal teacher is almost the same as having the idea of an ideal partner. For one, the teacher must know what he/she is teaching in his/her head but also by his/her heart because it is difficult to trust yourself to someone who is not fully aware of what he/she is saying or doing. This can also be a gauge of measuring or determining one’s passion for something.
 We are brought up in a society where we look up to our teachers as our second parents. Sure they are. Teachers transcend their roles beyond teaching simple arithmetic, for example. Teachers are motivators, inspirations, your mortal enemy sometimes, but sure they are able to affect who we are today.
 There is more to learn about myself from time management to my concentration to memory. I am sure that UPOU will be very challenging for someone like me who is new to distant learning. I am very thankful that I am here and the only task left for me to do now is finish it.
 Getting into UPOU is my way of  giving back to the Filipino people who inspired and helped me finish my undergraduate degree. This is my pledge to the course and to the country as well: I will serve you in the best way I can.

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