I Can Only Do So Much

I have become more self conscious (reflective, hopefully) what kind of teacher I want to be, how my students want me to be, and how will I actually be like when I begin to teach.

Doing the final assignment of this course is somehow linked on the last module especially on how poverty affects the learning process and teaching style of a teacher. In my assignment, I looked into three documentaries all produced by GMA 7 (2 from I Witness and 1 from Frontrow). Layag, Maestra Salbabida, and Buwis Buhay Gabay Buhay depicts the everyday life of a teacher to the barrios. Taken in different years, the documentaries showed me the importance of how important education both as a student and as a teacher.

Far flung and poverty stricken areas were featured. I can only imagine how they survive a day. But maybe, it is the collective nature of the community that what keeps them going, a typical Filipino family and community quality. It is in these places that we find teachers who wakes up early in the morning, walking with a combination of trekking and occasional swimming in wild rivers. After watching the documentaries, my initial impression of it is not impossible of finding teachers in such far flung places. I have this single reason as to why I believe in this reality: Teaching is really a noble profession and is passion driven as the cliche goes.

For a moment I was convinced that poverty drives away students from education and just look for something that will get them through the day. It is already a usual story that children engage in child labor to help their family. The teachers on the other hand have all the legitimate reasons to leave the barrios and seek greener pastures in the Metro or abroad. However, poverty was given another light in the documentaries for it is the very same reason why they both the students and the teachers work hard just to go to school.

Education is a right according to our constitution but only few people have an access to it. The challenge lies now on the question for how long they are still go through the obstacle of going to school everyday? For all I know, I am not getting tired of bringing up this issue all the time because it is the best thing I can so with my abilities and resouces. For now, I can only do so much.







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