Goodbye and Thank You

EDS 111 showed me how hard it is to become a teacher only in 3 months. It literally and figuratively changed the way I think about teaching. Teaching is a profession more than passion. This is contrary to what I believe in that teaching was just pure passion.

The influence and drive to face the challenge of teaching head on was ignited in me. I never thought I would come this far in PTC. I cannot even believe that my first term is close to done since I am yet to pass last two requirements in my other class. I must say that this term prepared me for the worst especially in terms of time management when I begin to teach someday.

Since my current work is also in line with the field of education working in a well respected publishing house in the country, it is my pledge to do my best as an editor for this is one of the things that I can do now to help the current state of Filipino education.

I sure learned a lot from the modules. I also discovered something about myself that I have not known for a long time. But sure, it was from my classmates who did not hesitate to share their stories and experiences I learned the most. Thank you.


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