First Term Jitters

This first term is my second term in the PTC program of UPOU.

My first term in UPOU, about four months ago, was alongside with the peak season in the publishing house where I work full-time. Three or four months ago, my office desk was full of manuscripts waiting for copy reading, plain reading, and proof reading. About six months ago, I decided to become a CrossFit athlete as well.

I think I did good during my first term in the PTC program as a first time distance learner. I felt really good about myself because I did not get a 3 or a 5 in both of my subjects. Full load in PTC units and full-time work looks pretty hard for me at a first glance but I did it!

Guess what? Nothing has changed – it is still peak season at work, I’m still breaking personal records in the gym, frequent dates, and movie nights with my siblings. My life-work-school-balance is on a roll.

Now, I am already onto my second term as a distant learner, more pressure is on. My first term is already history and  I sure did learn from it. There are a lot more aspects I need to improve on as a distant learner. Time management looks challenging more than ever. I will (try my very best) to allot more time to studying than I did last term so as to avoid cramming and sacrificing the quality of my output.

I was thrilled when Philosophy of Education was offered for this term. The word “philosophy” rings a bell to me everytime I hear or read it.

I got 25 points, my highest, in Social Reconstructivism. Here are my other scores: Progressivism at 23, Perrenialism at 22, Existentialism at 21, and Essentialism at 18. My test score is a revelation for myself. At first I thought I would score the highest in Existentialism but it was Social Reconstructivism. I cannot but agree with the scores because it tells a lot about me as a person, what more a future teacher.

Sure thing, culture and other aspects affect the way I live and most probably the way I will teach.