Finding Philo


Philosophy has always been a part of all of us since we were born, maybe even before we uttered our first words. Philosophy has always been a part of me since I was in college. Shifting from political science to philosophy as my minor was a make or break decision for me back when I was in my second year as a social science undergraduate. But hey! I did it.

Philosophy, for me as a student, is discovering someone’s philosophy, adopting it as my own, modify some of its parts, and live according to it. Somehow giving it my own brand. These are still the rules of the game for someone like me who aspires to become an educator in the very near future. Only by this time, I am to find my own teaching philosophy within and begin to pass it on to my students to-be. Sounds easy but I bet it is not in actual practice.

Like everyday, there are still a lot of things to reflect on as I continue to find what philosophy would define me as a teacher. I am not saying that I need only one philosophy that will serve as a guide. I wish to become familiar, if not mastering, all possible philosophies needed to become an effective teacher and produce holistic kinds of students.

This journal is about three weeks late, I know. There are a lot of things that happened these past days. This is a part I should not include in my philosophy “branding”.

We discover and learn something very important to us and we might not be mindful of it at first glance. That’s philosophy. If philosophy comes out because it becomes a need, we’ll then, I’m out to find one for me.



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