Major Major x 2

Module 2 got me like: NOT AGAIN.

Kidding. I am not forced to like philosophy. I do not actually like it at first because of the lengthy readings I went through in college. I did it, finished the degree with flying colors. I thought I am not going back it to it ever again. The 19-year old me was just a curious cat as to why everyone in school was avoiding it. That curiosity of the teen-age me got me into some sort of mess of Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, St. Augustine, Wittgenstein, Sartre, and a lot more of dead men only god knows who. The curiosity I happen to have almost 6 years ago made me fall in love with what I am reading now. Some people call it “weird” but I am happy that I found the exciting in the “horror” that is philosophy.

The philosophies that I just read included different takes now because they already included its application to the field of education and teaching as a profession. Nevertheless, I am very happy to read that the references are inclusive enough to have the names I may have mentioned in the first paragraph. Open-mindedness and a very clear mind were top 2 of the things I need as to understand one philosophy not to mistaken one to another and read first before arguing with the article. Just like the old times.

Idealism, Realism, Existentialism, and Pragmatism has gone a long way already. So did I (hope). One philosophy comes out as a result of a former, whether a complement or a totally different one questioning the first. That was the first thing I have learned some 5 years ago. What I actually did in this module (which somehow or totally deviates from the objectives) is to determine which philosophies my Philosophy professors applied in teaching us as I read each major philosophy. I figured out that one of my 3 Philosophy professors is a pure pragmatist (though he is a existentialist at times), regardless of what period in Philosophy that we were discussing (our philosophy curriculum is divided periodically) since I met him 3 or 4 times during college. He always wanted us to push further and believed in what we can do. He was like a team captain always ready for pep talk, he was the one always able to integrate words of encouragement to us to make philosophy more bearable. My other two professors are a combination of Idealism, Existentialism, and Realism. They are a perfect combination of the three as they look after the class’ character development. The three of them always reiterate that what we learn inside the classroom is just all theories waiting to be applied in real-life situation. They made me open to debates. They made tell what I do not know and made me question what I already know. And that, my friends, is the point of philosophy in a very general sense. I learned from the best.

Philosophy is very dynamic on its own. We might get confused if we are the people who is adapting to changes in philosophy as we are the ones who are making it in the first place. That is how powerful our minds and actions are. That is how also how powerful philosophy is to make such impact to our lives.

The challenge to become the best teacher my future students can have lies within me and the application of teaching philosophies that I have learned and reviewed in this module. Seems easy to say, but I am sure as everyone else in this class that this endeavor will never be easy.


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