Character Test

If Module 2 brought up “What kind of future are you going to be?” question to me, Module 3 *slapped* me with a sort of harder one that goes, “What kind of citizens you would want your students to be?”

Seriously, I personally do not think that we can escape this reality of having expectation from someone. In the case of having students in the future, I am having these visualizations of them being this and that because I already have this impression that they are this and this. Well, I guess, they are trapped in my adult expectations (which is a kind of selfish, I think) because I want them to be the best they can be. I see this as hitting two birds with one stone – they can be whoever they want to be and validate my existence as their mentor. Not bad for someone who is doing her best bring out the best in someone. But what if we both fail in achieving one specific expectation? One thing is still certain – we both learn. This module got me like that, for what, 2 weeks? And the reflection goes on forever.

There are a lot of philosophical perspectives to choose from in teaching. A teacher can only use one in delivering a certain lesson or s/he can apply as many perspectives as s/he can to maximize the learning experiences of his/her students. On the other hand, teachers should not limit the students in using a single approach in learning things. In my personal stand, students should acquire holistic transformation in school regardless of the teaching method being applied in instruction and prescribed curriculum. While I prefer the activities that requires all my physical energy when I was in high school (one teacher used “Amazing Race” and got us running around the whole school to teach about ancient Greek civilization), we cannot do away with the fact that there are subject-matters we need to learn while sitting for 1 to 2 hours (I think most of you will agree that this subject is math) because it is the most convenient way for my teacher to teach it.

Module 2 and 3 is a character test for me. While it got me thinking of what philosophical perspective I should combine with my favorite (which is social reconstructionism because of its promise of societal change because of the students I might handle in the future), most of the time the GDF that we need to accomplish for this module bugged me. It literally haunted me in my dreams. But whatever conspired in that task was treated objectively and it is over now. One thing is for sure, it made me stronger and validated me as a leader because there are a lot of things that I still need to improve on.


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