Test 1

I am three weeks and three modules late for my first eJournal entry in my EDS 113 class this semester. Here I am, starting late, but hoping to finish (this course and my last semester) stronger and smarter to become (only God knows) a licensed teacher by the end of the year.

Assessment, as for me (before I was enrolled in this class) is merely just a question of “is it a yes or a no?” if not adding equivalent points of a rubric when I was still a student, checking my seatmate’s work. I interchange its process with reflection (intentionally or not, or whatever comes easier). There are times, during the course of the first module the past assessments I did during my time here in PTC, most especially when we are tasked to evaluate and assess our group’s performance in a discussion forum. What I did in the past “assessments” I made will definitely not the same mistakes that I will commit in the future, especially that I have no excuse in doing so because I am already enrolled in Teacher Malou’s class.

Module 1 thought me the importance of evidence and how to gather significant ones that will be of great help in assessing anything and everything that needs to be assessed, especially when I envision myself as a teacher who will play a very large part in a formative years of a child.

Moreover, assessment should not be limited to what we can compute and what is recorded in class records. Teachers should also look for the performances of their students outside the class room through peer facilitated activities and parent-teacher conferences. Teacher too can gain from this assessment practice as they can always improve their methods from one experience to another.





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