Ms. Not- Know-It-All

There are times that akala mo alam mo na lahat but reality and the universe conspires to make you realize that you do not.

Module 3 made me felt that way. I thought I have already know or atleast have a grasp of what assessment is, it turns out that I do not. It was as if Socrates whispered in my ear telling me I know nothing. Aside from making me feel grounded since the new learning sent me back to earth, I realized that I am human and there are things that I should improve on my own – and that I am given unlimited chances.

Assessment for learning, assessment of learning, and assessment as learning rebooted me and changed the way I view things. For me, assessment is only one and the same way regardless of the preposition that separates it from learning. There may be different stages of learning where we experience this or we can actually experience it all at once.

Now, more than ever, I conscious of the things I do and submit as a requirement or whatever I need to accomplish for that matter. This module made me “police” what I do as I exercise my learning in terms of assessment. To more life-changing lessons!


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