Hipster Way

I have mentioned in my previous reflections that I find all assessment the same until I am confronted with the idea and reality (at the same time) that they are not. Thanks to EDS 113, my classmates, and Teacher Malou.

I was very happy to learn about non-traditional assessment and it somehow validated my existence. Module 5 made me feel more of a human, and not a learning “robot”. It made me realize how valid my feelings and experiences are in the process of my learning and journey through life. More than that, it opened doors to potential that I am yet to discover. Non-traditional assessments made me ask more questions starting with “how” and “why”.

I think being street-wise, a very much appreciated characteristic at present, is an effect of non-traditional tests and assessments that we need to go through as a student. Being given the chance to participate in real-life scenario and given real-life problems in school as activities, we began to think of a larger scale and outside the four corners of our classrooms. Students become more empowered and responsible when their learning is being put into their hands.

As reflective teachers, we should be always alert for clues that can indicate the strong and weak points of our students when it comes to non-traditional tests and assessments. Also, we should also be mindful and keep ourselves really grounded that we still need to perform our duties as facilitators of their learning though learner-centered assessments that we can course through learner-centered activities.


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