Wayback Wednesday

Module 4 made me backtrack what I have learned in my first course work as a PTC student. That class tackled extensively on what reflective teaching is and how to become a reflective teacher.

As far as my short memory is concerned, one important characteristic of being a reflective teacher is caring about our students. There may be  a lot of dark and difficult times of being a teacher and the life outside it that we should live, but when you find that teaching is what makes your heart beat, it will always will. We care for our students not only because they are our responsibility once they step in the class room, but also because their progress is our pride, and their failure is ours as well.

I am saying this to boost the only remaining motivation we have of ourselves. They balance our strict nature. They make us, always, understand that what they can become can never be determined by the grades that we give them or wherever school that they acquire that they know. What is important, at the end of the day, is how they learned. This may never be easy for the both of us, but we should trust that someday, our sacrifices will count.



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