To Carpe the Diem

What am I taking home from this course?
How have my views changed?
Have I been moved into action?

The day that I enlisted this course in my last semester in the PTC program seem like it was just yesterday. January 7, the start of the classes seems like it was just this afternoon. People say that time flies fast when you’re enjoying it. To which I say, “Time flies faster when you’re being challenged and enjoying it at the same time.”

I admit that I am not the best student in this class because I lost my end game. I submitted the requirements 2 days late if not a week. It may be my lack of experience too that will make me sit at the back if we’re in a class room setting. What I offered this class, I think,  is the curiosity that I have in me every time I enter my username and password to log in (which I will miss, including the technical difficulties). And this is my promise to myself, to my classmate I already made friends with despite the virtual relationship, to the very supportive and considerate Teacher Malou, and to my (future) students: I will not let this curiosity and the courage to ask questions die.

This course took me to many places in different time frames and met a lot of people in my imagination. It made me vacuumed all my existing “knowledge” of what assessment is just like what we are made to believe of what happen to people who traverse the Bermuda Triangle. Just when I thought that I already know what assessment is, I thought wrong at the start of the first module. You know what tabula rasa is? That is me. This course changed me in a lot of ways other than the fact that it made me rethink of what I know. Parang barahang binalasa lang ako.

What I know for now, is that I want to know and study more – and that is what I am going to do. From this day on, I will grab the opportunities that will help me overcome my insecurities as a student. I think i have already learned from my mistakes, now it is time to learn from others mistakes. I hope in my own little ways and little efforts while I prepare to teach the pag-asa ng bayan, I will be the best version that I can be and become a good teacher.

At the end of the day, we only regret the chances we did not take.

Carpe diem




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