Wayback Wednesday

Module 4 made me backtrack what I have learned in my first course work as a PTC student. That class tackled extensively on what reflective teaching is and how to become a reflective teacher.

As far as my short memory is concerned, one important characteristic of being a reflective teacher is caring about our students. There may be  a lot of dark and difficult times of being a teacher and the life outside it that we should live, but when you find that teaching is what makes your heart beat, it will always will. We care for our students not only because they are our responsibility once they step in the class room, but also because their progress is our pride, and their failure is ours as well.

I am saying this to boost the only remaining motivation we have of ourselves. They balance our strict nature. They make us, always, understand that what they can become can never be determined by the grades that we give them or wherever school that they acquire that they know. What is important, at the end of the day, is how they learned. This may never be easy for the both of us, but we should trust that someday, our sacrifices will count.



Collect and Reflect

I had difficulty in determining skills that I already “promoted” as my second nature. For some reason, it came to me that I have not reached the level of unconscious competence yet or I am just not aware that I am already there. If there is one thing I am certain of at present, I still have a long way to go in the process in following this learning model. Unconscious competence is still a long way to go. All I have to do now is to work hard every day and face challenges head-on to reach the learning goal.
For someone whose first experience in “teaching” was teaching toddlers how to kick and punch in Taekwondo class during weekends, it is hard for me at this time to determine if I am an effective active/proactive teacher (because I firmly believe if I am one). Also, it is too early to find out for me if I already have a concrete teaching theory and/or philosophy that I will put in practice. I am not saying I am starting from scratch in terms of teaching philosophy. After going through the assigned readings, I found it in my heart to start a journal again like I did when I was younger (that was a diary to be exact). Good thing that Teacher Roja assigned our class to set up a blog that will help us track our progress, point out our mistakes, and improve our weaknesses as part of the process of learning in this course. This blog is more than just a course requirement, after all.
The three characteristics (Dewey) of a reflective teacher is within me, I believe. My endeavor now in relation to this is to find it in my system, in my very being, to actualize and improve it along with other traits that will help my future teacher self and my future students to have a sound relationship even outside the four corners of the classroom and the school gates. If there is one thing I have to develop as an aspiring teacher, that is my patience and pain tolerance for sure.

This module actually helped me grasp more my decision of signing up for the PTC program of UPOU. Being able to teach effectively after passing the boards (hopefully) is a dream come true. The whole module made me rethink my post-graduate decisions, in general. Giving teaching a try is maybe one of the best decisions I have made so far.There are times that I doubt my decision of enrolling to this course before this module happened to me as if it is the only sign that I was waiting for to fully convince myself that I am entering another league in my life – whatever lesson I encountered so far helped me step up my game.

All of the things that I can learn and do as a future educator is just out there in the open waiting to be discovered. Everyday is a chance to reflect. Everyday is learning through gains and loses.