Keeping the Fire Alive

My professional development started when I thought of enrolling to the PTC program of the Open U. Little did I know that I would actually pursue it after being guaranteed a slot. Every day, little by little, one (late) requirement at a time, I want to believe that I am surviving. I want to believe that I can make it through this sem.

Activity 4 made me think of more what if’s after hearing the story of my sister’s former teacher who turned to be my friend. It is a sort of a sad story told to someone like me who aspires to become the best teacher I want myself to be. She turned out to be the best teacher for to students but not to herself. Lack of self motivation, check. Lack of support for professional development from the school administration, check. If her initial aspirations were considered by the school administration, her professional development could have fought a good fight.

This did not made me doubt what I want  to do after completing the program. This posed a withstanding challenge that I have to finish what I have started and should not stop learning and defying the odds. I hope that I will land to a school that considers the well-being and professional development of their teachers. On my end, I should also not let go of the fire that I have within me. I along with my target school should have a common goal of providing quality education to the youth and at the same time feeds their staff’s eagerness to move forward and advance in their field.

I hope all the teachers and aspiring educators find the dream school they deserve.

I hope my friend teacher finds a good school. I hope that after all these professional challenges that she faces, she still finds it in her heart the passion of pushing kids that they can do everything.


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